Why are there RED initials in the column that is normally labeled Select Bill Type but now reads Current Biller?  This usually happens when another staff has started an invoice for the same currently selected client.  You see the staff ID of the current biller.  Verify with the current biller that it is OK for you to bill the same client.  If it is OK for you to take ownership of the account, select your name from the drop down list, click anywhere off that row to save the change and then click back on the client's row. Now the dashboard should look normal and you can continue billing.  

Why are some fields null?  Looks like the WIP is missing! The previous balance column is incorrect!  If you have any of these scenarios while in the billing dashboard run the Update Client Balances utility.  If running Update Client Balances doesn't correct the billing dashboard discrepancies contact the ImagineTime Support team.   

If you need additional assistance, then please create a support ticket so that we can contact you directly.