There are 3 General Rights Level options to choose when setting up staff:

Staff - Most restrictive level, can be restricted to entering time and reviewing a report of only that person's own time/hours.
Supervisor - Typically used to give additional report viewing ability as well as all staff level rights.
System Mgr - Overall access to all menu items, utilities, etc. At least one person in the office must be a System Mgr; but it is advisable to have more than one System Manager so that they can cover for each other - vacations, sick time, etc.

The screen shot below shows the settings to use if you want a staff level user to only be able to enter their own time, run only their own daily time/expense report, and only see their calendar.  They can enter the Client/Contact screen for viewing purposes and entering a client note but they can not enter/edit information or see client sensitive information such as A/R balances, WIP, etc.  THESE SETTINGS ARE DONE ON AN INDIVIDUAL BASIS. THEY ARE NOT GLOBAL SETTINGS.

The settings for Staff level users can be tweaked further in the Options Tab of the Company Setup Screen.  THESE HIGHLIGHTED SETTINGS ARE GLOBAL FOR GENERAL RIGHTS LEVEL OF STAFF. On this screen you can limit, either by number of days or a specific date, editing of time slips.  Also, if you don't want staff level users to know their billing rate check the Hide Staff Rates box.

You control who is allowed into specific parts of the program thru the Menu, Ribbon Passwords & Rights utility.    

The Menu, Ribbon Passwords & Rights utility is the key security screen in the ImagineTime system and allows the System Manager to determine access controls and rights for every screen and function.  Menu Passwords & Rights are used in conjunction with the assignment of staff rights in the staff setup screen. This feature enables your firm to have control over who is allowed in what areas of the program and in what capacity. The default password to enter this screen is "SUPER".

·Remember, Rights Levels are set for each staff member in the Enter/Edit Staff menu under the Permissions tab. 
·Caution! This screen should be accessible only to System Managers, or the most senior level of management within your firm. 
·The row items listed in the first column of the table, e.g. "Manage Contacts and Clients" correspond to menu selections from the ribbon and original main menus.
·Permissions must be enabled by clicking the "Use Login Screen & User Permissions" check box in the options tab of the Company Information/Setup screen. This is the default setting beginning in version 8.0
·The last series of four columns in this screen determine which program options are included in the custom ribbon and due date ribbon menus. To complete implementation, the custom ribbon menus must be selected for the appropriate staff in the edit/edit staff screen.
·The due date ribbon cannot be customized and is the default selection when the due date only option is purchased. It limits the program ribbon display to due date, calendar and setup/utility items and hides most function related to the integrated billing system.

If you need additional assistance, then please create a support ticket so that we can contact you directly.