The only way to edit/correct an invoice after it has been posted is to delete the invoice and re-do it.  If you cleared time with your invoice when the invoice is deleted the time will immediately go back into the client's WIP and will be available for billing.  Also, you can re-create your invoice with the same invoice and date. 

To delete an invoice go to the Edit and View Transaction Screen, select the client, click on the record selector (beginning of row) for the row the invoice is on and then hit “Delete” on your keyboard. The invoice is now deleted and the timeslips have automatically rolled back into WIP.

In the example above the amount and balance columns for the invoice dated 9/27/13 show the same amount of $6790.31. Meaning that a payment has not been applied to the invoice. If a payment had been applied to the invoice, the balance would be 0 if paid in full or if a partial payment then the Balance amount would be different. If a payment has already been applied to the invoice, you must unpost the payment.  Unpost the payment only.  Do NOT delete the payment. To unpost a payment, go to the Payment Entry Screen, select your client and use the record navigator to find the payment to be unposted and then click the UNPOST button. When a payment is unapplied the Amount and UnApplied fields should match. In the example below when the $10 check is unposted the Un-Applied field will change from $0.00 to $10.00

If you need additional assistance, then please create a support ticket so that we can contact you directly.