May contain the reference “Permission Denied”.

When trying to backup a data file using the IT backup utility, this message will generate usually because someone else is still in IT; someone has the login screen open; there are read-only permissions on the file; the user is trying to save it to a restrictive file location such as My Documents.

Try using the LDBView utility to see who is in ImagineTime(Click on the link at the bottom of the page to download).  Put LDBView.exe in the same folder as the data file. Double click to open and link to TBData.mdb. This will show which workstations are either logged into ImagineTime or have the login screen open on the desktop. Ask those listed on the LDBView to completely close ImagineTime and create your Backup Data File.

Try saving to the desktop or create a new folder and then attempt to save the data file there. 

If you need additional assistance, then please create a support ticket so that we can contact you directly.