There are 2 ways to correct un-billed time:

Go to Billing Dashboard

Select the client and then click the Release / Edit Slips button

The time & expense entry screen for the client opens

Slips can be edited, deleted or transferred from this screen. 

Delete timeslip by clicking the record selector at the beginning of the row, the black arrow will turn white, then hit Delete key on keyboard.

All the timeslips can be transferred to another account by selecting the client from the drop down list obtained by selecting Click to Select Client & Transfer Slip.

To transfer an individual timeslip select the client you want to transfer the time slip to from the drop down list accessed by hitting the arrow on the name field.


Go to Time / Expenses

After the Fact

Select ALL here and can change entry using the same information as above

NOTE! Only unbilled slips appear in the after-the-fact time entry screen.  CANNOT delete or edit if the time has already been billed.

If you need additional assistance, then please create a support ticket so that we can contact you directly.