To create customized lists:

When you are setting up a new client/contact you can easily assign them to a customized/mailing list that has already been setup.  On the More Contact Information screen, in the Mailing List Selections, double click on Options to Choose From to assign list(s) to that individual client.  To remove a list from the client double click on the list option in This Client's Choices.

To create a customized/mailing list option:


Client Relationship Management

Mailing List Setup

Step 1 - Add new custom/mailing list option

To add / delete clients to the list here instead of having to go to each individual account:

Step 2 - Select a custom/mailing list option

Step 3 - Add contacts/client to selected list by holding down Shift or Control Keys to select multiple items.

If you need additional assistance, then please create a support ticket so that we can contact you directly.