The Client Quick Setup is designed to speed up assigning multiple forms/tasks to clients.

Go to Calendar / Due Dates > Due Date Setup & Utilities>Select the Client Quick Setup Tab.

1.Select the form year (if assigning forms) or the task year (if assigning tasks)
2.You must choose to copy either forms or tasks. If you need to copy both forms and tasks you will need to execute the quick copy once for forms and once for tasks.
3.Select groups of forms or tasks to assign by clicking the left mouse button on each task or form you wish to assign. Each click will add that item to the list of tasks or forms to be assigned and the selected tasks or forms will be be highlighted to make the ones that are currently selected obvious.
4.Select groups of clients by holding down the left mouse button and dragging. Release the mouse button and use the CTRL key plus the left mouse button to select additional groups of clients that are not contiguous.
5.Optional: Decide whether you would like to associate the task or form with an engagement - see bottom left of following screenshot.
6.Select the primary staff and manager, if appropriate, or leave blank. If the staff assignment is left blank, the staff assigned in the manage clients and contacts screen will be used.
7.Click the "Copy Selected Forms to Clients" button.
8.Open the Manage/Edit deadlines screen and review your results.
If you need to redo the quick copy due to an error you made selecting forms or tasks or clients, filter and/or sort for your results in the manage/edit deadlines screen. Select contiguous records by clicking on the record selector at the far left of the first row and dragging the mouse down the screen to select all pertinent rows. Press the Delete key on your keyboard to delete the erroneous entries that will be replaced when you redo the quick copy. This process cannot be undone.
NOTE: Tasks with an "AS SPECIFIED PER CLIENT" frequency cannot use the client quick setup.  They must be assigned on the manage/edit deadlines screen.  

If you need additional assistance, then please create a support ticket so that we can contact you directly.