First you need to click on the MORE FORMAT & BILLING OPTIONS BUTTON (found at the top of the billing dashboard)

Then select the DETAIL BILL DISPLAY OPTIONS & OTHER TAB .  Use the example below to check/uncheck boxes.

Close the Detail Bill Display Options screen so that you are now back on the billing dashboard.

In the Select Bill Type field for the client you are billing select SuperBill from the dropdown list for the bill type. Double click on SuperBill to access the SuperBill template


On the top row of the template, select Memo Row from the drop down list for Clear Options and then type your description in the Element Row Description field.  


On the second row of the template select the Clear Option of BILL EXCLUDED CODES – RELEASED SLIP. If you look at the lower part of the screen you will see all the timeslips.  The slips that you want to bill must have the HOLD Box unchecked. The bill amount will automatically fill in at the standard rate of the slips being billed. Then review the bill by clicking on the Preview button.  If you like the invoice print/email and post.