Below are the instructions to upgrade ImagineTime to version 17.5003.

I.  Verify Version: 

From the ImagineTime login screen click on the ImagineTime logo(Blue Box), this will open the About Screen. ** Make note of the EXACT company name (Orange Square), registration number (Orange Square), runtime (Red Square) data file version (Green Square) and data location (Purple Square). ** 



  1. Download Upgrade Version that MATCHES the runtime version: Go to: 


Enter Company Name & Registration Number exactly as listed on About Screen (Orange Square) Select the Upgrade Version that matches the Runtime (Red Square)

Select Download ImagineTime (Blue Square) SAVE file, do not run from website

  1. Install Upgrade


  1. Verify that ImagineTime is closed on workstation. 


  1. Run UpgradeOfficeManagerVxx.exe as administrator by right clicking and Run As Administrator 


  1. Do you want to allow…Setup Launcher Unicode – Yes 


  1. You may see an Install Wizard for Visual C++ - Install 


You might see the following – Yes 


On the Agreement screen, scroll to the bottom of the Agreement, Accept and Next. 



Follow the prompts until you see Finish 


  1. Open ImagineTime, “ImagineTime must be linked”. Verify the data location (Purple Square) matches the data location noted from the About Screen. If data location matches, select OK. If it does not, select Cancel and Browse to the correct location. 


  1. Linking complete --- OK 

Update is now complete on this workstation. 

Copy Upgrade Office Manager to server for installing on other workstations using the same runtime version. It will be necessary to COPY the Upgrade Office Manager from the server to each workstation that uses the same Runtime Version to install the upgrade. 

To update other workstations using the same Runtime Version, follow instructions section III steps 1 – 6. 

To update other workstations using a different Runtime Version, follow instructions in Sections 

I – III. 

If the datafile version on the About Screen (see the Green Square in About Screen image) is anything other than 17.5 follow step IV on the first workstation. If it was already 16.0, an update to the datafile is not required. 


  1. Update Data File


  1. Make sure everyone is out of the database. Open ImagineTime and sign in. You will receive a prompt to update the datafile, select OK 



  1. You will then get a message that the upgrade to 17.5 is complete. Select OK. ImagineTime will close. 


  1. Open ImagineTime. Sign in. You will see the Routine Maintenance Reminder. This message will appear every thirty days or after an update and the utility should be run when the message displays. Everyone else MUST be out of ImagineTime to run the utility. 



  1. Close any open screens in ImagineTime, go to Setup/Utilities > General Utilities > Repair Utilities > Repair/Compact Database & Exit. Once you select the utility, the screen will go blank, it may take a minute, you might see compacting in the lower right hand portion of the screen, and then the program will close.