The release of Version 18.1000 supports a robust multiple office location feature which allows users to attach clients to different office locations. The default office is "Registered Location". In the example below, the client is associated with the Florida office. 

You can manage billing by office location.

Most reporting screens now support reporting by office location.

The Due Date Management module fully supports the multiple office feature.

Due date reports are fully integrated with the multiple office feature.

The list below shows all the reports and modules now supported by the multiple office feature with more to come in future updates: 

Multiple Office Reports and Modules in Version 18.1000 

Aging Report 

Work in Progress Detail Report 

Work in Progress Summary 

Daily Transaction Reports 

    Payments for Selected Period 

    Invoices for Selected Period 

Billing Activity Reconciliation (Invoices & Payments) - Accrual and Cash Basis 

Staff & Client Performance Reports 

    Staff Realization - Production Based 

    Staff Realization - Invoices & Production 

    Staff Realization - Paid Production 

    Client Invoices Amounts w/Costs by Code 

Client Snapshot Report Main 

Client/Contact Screen 

Address & Client List Reports 

    Client/Contact Address Listing 

    Client/Contact Phone & ID Listing 

    Client Phones & More Info (Tax y/e) 

    Client Listing Clients in selected CRM categories Main 

    Client/Contact Phone & Address 

    Client/Contact Phone/Address Notes 

Client Account Balances (Master File Reports) 

    By Billing Partner, Group ID & Name 

    By Originating Partner, Group ID & Name 

    By Staff, Group ID & Name 

    By Client Type & Name 

    Alpha Order 

    Descending Balance Order by Group Id 

Billing Dashboard, including Auto-Biller by Location 

CRM Utility 

All Due Date Reports 

    Due Date Report - No Tracking 

    Detail Due Date Report - w/Tracking Detail History 

    Status levels Report - No Tracking Detail 

    Routing Sheet 

    Notifications Report - Including Sub-tasks 

Filters on Manage/Edit Deadlines Screen

Modules that will be addressed in the near future

    Quickbooks Export 

    Statements Wip 

    Reconciliation Reports