Login Screen Instructions:
With the release of Version 18.1 ImagineTime allows multiple users to bill by billing partner, office location or global accounts at the same time.

The billing partner and office location for each client is identified in the Staffing & Location box of the Primary Contact Information screen (left side) of the screen.

If you select an office location when you open the dashboard, you will only see the clients for that location. On the other hand, if you leave the Office Location window <ALL>, all the firm clients will display in the dashboard. Likewise, if you select a partner instead of leaving the window empty, you will only see the clients for that partner.  Also when opening the billing dashboard you can open using a combination of office location and billing partner.  

Upon opening the dashboard, the 3 buttons across the top display the settings used when opening the dashboard.  In the example below FOL is logged into ImagineTime and is the Biller.  FOL is billing for only the Florida office location and for accounts that have JJP as the Billing Partner.