The Multiple Location option feature is a great tool if you have multiple firm locations in addition to your firm's location registered with ImagineTime.  Each client in the database is assigned to a specific office location.  Therefore, when generating your invoices the appropriate firm address prints automatically on the invoice.

Steps for implementing multi-office location feature.

1.   Enter additional office locations, other than the registered location, on the Company Info Tab (Setup/Utilities>Company Setup).  Select Enter Alternate Locations to get the pop-up screen Office Locations-to be assigned to individual clients.  Enter alternate address, phone, fax and website on this screen.  On the Company Info screen the registered location can be customized.  


2.If you have been using ImagineTime all the clients in your data file have the default office location of Registered. The fastest way to associate an office, other than the default registered location, with a client is to go to Setup/Utilities>Change ID and Status screen.  On the Change ID and Status screen select the firm appropriate location from the dropdown menu in the Office Location column.