How do I put in beginning opening balances for A/R?  Access the “Invoice and Payments” Screen (Billing Tab> Edit/View Transaction) Select your client.




On the bottom row enter whatever date you want for the opening balance; ref field is optional or enter something such as OPEN; enter the opening balance and then tab so that the balance is automatically populated; tab over to the Note column (optional) and enter a brief description (example: balance from old system) the BILL TYPE – MUST BE MANUAL/CONVERSION.  *** Note if there is a credit for a client select the “Jump to Payment Button” (located right above the Note Column) and enter the credit as a payment.  For the payment type, you can select cash/check or you can set up a payment type of openbal.  To set up a new payment type: Go to Setup/Utilities>Company Setup>Lookup Lists>Select Payment Options from the option list for Other-Choose Table>Add OpenBal>Closing the Screen will save your addition.